Leading is a mix of humility, assurance, perserverance, and good judgement
We help make businesses better: better operating performances, better financial performances, and better alignment to strategic objectives and policy deployment: ISO 9001, TS 16949, Lean Enterprise, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Product Development, Six Sigma DMAIC, Design for Six Sigma, and Business Sustainability. We help minimize the negative impact of uncertainty using business process focused solutions.
We help companies deal with ambiguity through objective research: Polls, survey, focus groups, interview, and other qualitative and quantitative analyses
We provide unbiased advice that may help executives adjust their plan or strategic decisions
We help hire workforce for operation management and process improvement and provide training through Nova International University
We serve automobile manufacturers, automobile suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, other service businesses large and small, and even governments.
What we do
  1. Advisory in Business and Operation Strategy
    General Business Strategy and Strategy Execution Joint Ventures and International Business Manufacturing Strategy Service Strategy Business Valuation and Ratings Entrepreneurship
  2. Hiring and Placement of Talents.
    We train our talents in methods and tools that enable them to drive results Talent Outsourcing Talent Assessment . Background Screening Fit Analyses and Selection for Interviews Talent Development
  3. Strategic Tool Deployment
    Lean Deployment Six Sigma Deployment Sustainability Deployment ISO 9001 Compliance IT Services IT Project Management
  4. Marketing Research - Survey-Polls
    Quantitative Market Studies Qualitative Market Studies Focus Groups Surveys: Mail, phones, online Polls
  5. Performance Improvement and Business Processes
    Quality Improvement and Supplier Development Manufacturing performance Improvement Service Performance Improvement Supply Chain Optimization Program Management Project Management
  6. Lean and Six Sigma Certificate Manufacturing Management Certificates Quality Management Certificate Many Degree Programs
Online Training Nova International Univrsity (click)
Novasys Consulting’s Privacy Policy
This policy applies to employees, jobs applicants, customers, and anyone doing business or communicating with Novasys Consulting (www.novasysconsulting.com). This policy applies to the use of the www.novasysconsulting.com website and to any other business transaction with Novasys Consulting such as: Job application, purchase of services, completion of service agreements, completion of work within Novasys Consulting, and communication within or with Novasys Consulting.
We will use the information that you provide when applying for work to make hiring decisions. Thus, we may contact your previous employers, references, schools, colleges, or universities you attended. We may verify the accuracy of the information that you provided in your resumes and other application materials. However, we will not provide your information to a third party such as a person or an organization unless requested for job application or under a mandate of the law.
We will use the information that customers, employees, or other participants to a market study provide in surveys and other market studies to complete market analyses but all the information gathered is anonymous and cannot be traced back to an individual. However, we will not provide your information to a third party such as a person or an organization unless requested for job application or under a mandate of the law and for only previous or current employees of Novasys Consulting. We will not provide customers’ information to third parties. We will provide business partner information to a third party only if requested by the business partner.
All our information is secured using socket layers and passwords for data saved in an internet database. Data saved as hard copies in storage devices are physically secured following Novasys Consulting’s standard operating procedure for data stored in physical storage devices.
Novasys Consulting has taken precautions that prevent hacking of data but Novasys Consulting declines any responsibility shall data hacking occur.