Our Performance Improvement and Business Processes Capabilities

Supply Chain Optimization
We assign professional of supply chain who assist client select their suppliers and establish a network of suppliers for long term partnerships including collaboration in product or service development. We help improve supplier quality and reduce cost throughout the supply chain. We technically assist suppliers, through audits, APQP program management, training, and problem solving.
Quality Improvement and Supplier Development
We assist quality professional on driving drastic improvements in the quality of services or products – two level audits-focused survey-roadmap creation and execution, Six Sigma problem solving, exhaustive quality data analysis for manufacturing and service operations, and our state of the art process for eliminating automotive quality recalls.
Manufacturing Performance Improvement
We work with companies to help improve manufacturing efficiency which translates to the drastic improvement of throughput, quality, occupational safety metric, and employees’ morale; as well as a drastic reduction in cost. The improvements in manufacturing metrics are adaptable to the product demand and help clarify the complexity of dealing with decrease in demand while motivating the workforce.  
Program ManagementProgram management is the management of the development of new products, new service, ongoing products, or ongoing service throughout the supply chain. Our professional follow project management principles, client specific project program management processes, and they emphasizes risk minimization following lean product development principles: Thoroughness of analysis, go see at the future market area/product build area/service delivery area to better understand, taking the time to fix design flaws before going to the next milestones, and a rigorous analysis of failure mode effect analyses.
Service Perfomance Improvement
Similar to manufacturing performance improvement, we partner with business to understand variations within their businesses and the drivers of customer decisions. We use various analyses to simply the understanding of the client business performance focusing on the specific operations with extreme outputs (worst and best), performing various audits and surveys, and reviewing the organization and use of people and teams to drive service value. We are confident in our ability to define the processes, human resources, and tools that enable a service operation to drive profitability and avoid bankruptcy.

Project Management
We provide project management professional with experience in given fields or similar fields, who can transfer their experience to completing project with expected deliverable why minimizing risks. Examples of projects include acquisitions of new manufacturing equipment, introduction of new information technology, building of a new manufacturing working spaces, sport event project, market event project, entertainment event project, new service operation projects, or new website project. 
Business Tool implementation and Assessments
Lean Manufacturing
Lean Product Development
Six Sigma
Sustainability  Assessment
Operation Assessment
ISO Assessment
Industries Served
Automobile Manufacturing
Non Automobile Manufacturing
For profit Servives: Retails, education, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, food services, and more
 Central Governments
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